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Prettysweeeet Planner: Monthly Weekly Daily Undated Goal & Life Journal, Compact Size 5.8 x 8.3 inch (A5), Encourages Goal Planning, Positivity, Motivation, Gratitude & Productivity, Black Gold Color
  • 290 pages packed with tools to help you fulfil your dreams, organize your life and stay motivated

  • This planner was designed with a focus on beautiful design, clean layouts and stylish fonts

  • An undated planner makes it possible for you to start anytime you want without wasting any pages

  • The planner has thick 100gsm non-bleed paper, ideal for markers. Compact in size, 5x8 inches (A5)

  • The planner lasts 1 year, has equal weekly Sunday to Saturday columns and 19 hour long days

An Undated 12 Month Goal Planner

This planner will help you

Achieve Big Goals with Small Steps


A plan can make or break the chances of achieving a goal. This planner helps you identify your goals and create an action plan by means of small, digestible steps so that no matter how big the goal is, it will always be clear what you have to do in order to achieve it.

Stay Motivated



Motivation is like a muscle: it needs to be constantly trained for it to work effectively and reliably. This planner encourages you to find motivation by displaying weekly
motivational quotes which help you think from a different perspective, encourage you to face difficulties, and to keep a positive state of mind.

Have Less Stress and More Time


Time is limited, so it’s important to use it wisely. This planner helps you to efficiently schedule your time and keep track of priorities while reducing lack-of-time-related

Be Flexible and Accountable


People recognize their own handwriting and remember
the moment in which they wrote something; this makes people take their words more seriously than if they were to keep it digitally. It’s also easier to jot down your thoughts on paper because it’s a fast and versatile medium (no need for electricity or special software).

Be Healthy and Wealthy


Health and wealth, two of the most important things for the well-being of a human being, are a main focus in this planner. Included in the planner are tools helping you keep track of your diet and exercise regimes as well as monthly balance sheets and bill tracking.

Stay Positive



This planner is designed to encourage positivity. Thinking positively is the foundation of having success in life, and in turn, encourages more positivity. To keep the wheel of positivity rolling, the planner motivates you to carry out
positive acts such as those of gratefulness, helpfulness
and thinking positively.

Share the Love



Even if our deep desire is to love and be loved, it’s easy
to forget to keep in contact with certain people; it’s easy
to lose track of our priorities. This is why this planner encourages you to connect with the people that matter most in your life, for it is only when we love that we find true happiness.

Build Good Habits



Most people’s habits are created haphazardly based
on random experiences or early life occurrences. Yet
habits are a major part of human behaviour and deliberate control of habits can help you achieve your goals and improve life in general. This planner encourages the intentional introduction of good habits and their upkeep.

Weekly Overviews are spread over 2 pages to help you

achieve your goals, stay motivated and think positive

Word on the street is


This planner allows me to plan nearly every aspect of my life. From finances, personal, academic and professional career, weight loss goals, etc. fully detailed with affirmations and priority deadlines. It breaks down goals into smaller, more attainable goals. Also, it is small enough to carry in a purse or work bag to ensure you don't miss a beat! The planner is not dated so you can start using it as soon as you like. I cannot wait to start.


This is everything I could have ever wanted in a planner, plus so much more! the planner arrived today and I'm already so obsessed with everything about it! Each month has more than enough weeks worth of appointments, days going from 6am - midnight, daily meal planning with 3 snacks & BLD, monthly budget area, goals completed and what you still want to complete, work out chart plus so much more!!!


So far, I find this planner really helpful. The spaces to break out goals by year, month, and week is especially good for me. I like the pages where you can work this out in whatever form works best for you, then you can insert the goals into their specified places on each month, week, and/or day. I also like how comprehensive it is, with meal planning and workouts and even an expense tracker built in to each month.


This planner has everything I could hope to find in a planner. The most important feature to me was the hourly planner. I was feeling like I wasn't as productive as I should be, so I really like the hourly breakdown that lets me see exactly how I'm using my time. I like that it has blank weeks and months, so if I do set it down for a bit I can pick up where I left off without wasting pages.