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Hello, and welcome to the Prettysweeeet Planner, a tool to help you organize and prioritize the most important aspects of your life. The Prettysweeeet Planner is designed to help you identify, prioritize, track goals and evaluate your progress while encouraging you to take control of your health, career, relationships, finances, education and personal growth.


How often have you had an idea, only to forget it five minutes later?
Perhaps you were supposed to congratulate your grandma for her birthday but got distracted by the number of low priority tasks on your “to do” list. Instead of doing what was important, you ended up tending to things that didn’t need tending to.


This used to happen to me on a daily basis, as my mind was on a million different things (which, of course, meant I couldn’t focus on any one thing, let alone the most important things in life). My problem then leeched over to the app world— now my thoughts were scattered over so many apps, I couldn’t keep track. The same thing happened when I used physical notebooks: I ended up with six notebooks due to the diverse nature of my thoughts.

I wish I had a simple way to collect and organize my thoughts. With this in mind, I started researching and found goal planners (or life planners). These planners were a good start in solving my problem, but I wanted something more complete.

This led to the creation of this planner, a planner able to integrate the
different aspects of your life into one book.