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Planner Contents

Goal Finding

A section dedicated to identifying and listing down all of the goals which are in your head or which might come up as you go along.

Action Plan

A two page section where five ultimate goals are selected and broken down into smaller parts to create an action plan.

Monthly Overview

Spread over two pages, it includes spaces for your monthly action plan steps, a monthly calendar, quotes of the month theme, health, fitness and financial goal targets and a planning space.

Weekly Overview

Spread over two pages, this section includes spaces for weekly action plan steps, a weekly timetable starting from 6:00am and finishing at 1:00am the next day (where Saturday and Sunday take up as much space as the other days of the week) and spaces for Success Habits, Good Deeds, Ideas & Opportunities, People to Reach Out to, Positive Things That Happened, Things I’m Grateful for and Wisdom Quotes.

End of Year Summary

This section contains questions to help you evaluate your year, put your progress into perspective and plan your next moves.

Monthly Summary

This section contains questions which help you evaluate your month, analyze your progress and make sure you have a smooth transition to the next month.

Monthly Financial Overview & Bill Checklist

A monthly space helps you keep an overview of your financial goals by controlling incoming and outgoing money and keeping track of your bills.

Monthly Meal & Workout Planner

Monthly dedicated spaces help you live a healthy life by managing your diet and exercise regimes.


Enter various information into blank & lined note pages. These include: 5 blank pages, 4 single lined pages, 2 grid pages, 2 table pages, 2 timetable pages.

Holiday and Event Calendar

A calendar containing national and international Calendar holidays for the years 2017 and 2018.

Yearly Calendar

A compact calendar for the years 2016-2019